Dr Gema Martínez Méndez

Marine and Climate Scientist

Science Communication, Coordination

Project Development Environment, Energy, Sustainability

Climate Protection Manager

I am a Marine and Climate Scientist with a PhD in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology and over 15 years of research experience in this field. Researching about past ocean circulation and climates has been exciting. Astonishing is that, despite all the knowledge this, and other disciplines, have provided about the undeniable existence of the current human-made climate change, little is done to prevent, adapt or mitigate its effects. It is time to act, that is why I have done an advance training on project development on Environment, Energy and Sustainability and I work now as Climate Protection Manager for the city Delmenhorst.


My research has been mainly directed to the understanding of several components of the past global ocean circulation and their relation to climate. Later I supported at HIFMB I scientists in the field of marine biodiversity.

I do care...

   Water circulates in the surface of the ocean and at depth. It does so as a continuous. The global ocean circulation regulates Earth´s climate.

   The sun is the ultimate engine of the surface circulation, differences in the incoming radiation at different latitudes generate the global wind circulation and this is responsible for the surface circulation.

   In some regions of the ocean the density of the waters made them sink, Differences in density play a key role in the deep circulation. How deep ocean waters return to the surface is less well known. Important is that they do and so is the loop closed.


It is undeaniable that human activities are warming the climate and it is happening very fast. I have moved from further proving so with my reasearch to act about it. In my work as climate protection manager in Delmenhorst I am developing and coordinating activities to reduce the green gas emissions of the city. This includes as well information events and exchange with many stakeholders.

Climate stripes by Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading) 

 #ShowYourStripes.  CC-BY4.0 license.

I do care...

About the condition in which the next generations will find the planet. Human-made climate change, so as biodiversity lost, pollution and other environmental issues show that the way we live is not sustainable. We can have happy and fullfilling lives without leaving a mess behind for the next ones to clean off. Let's take a new track in our journey, the track of responsability and sustainability.

Unknwon artist. CC-BY4.0 license.

The oceans

   The oceans cover 70 % of the surface of the Earth and contains about 97 % of the planet´s water.

   During my studies one of our professors said: 'you are learning nothing about everything', because we were touching many aspects of the ocean sciences: geology, physics, chemistry and biology. I went for the geology and physics part and while  learning about that in the modern ocean is already challenging, I chose the past for my PhD and further research career. I am ready for new challenges.

Analytical expertise

  • Marine sediment cores

  • Water sampling

  • Benthic, planktic foraminifera

  • Organic and inorganic geochemistry

  • XRF-scanning

Contact info

Feel free to get it touch in English, Spanish, German, Catalan or Galician

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